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This review is from: Paths of Peace: Illustrated Prayersong Book (Kindle Edition)
In reviewing the MP3/album of Suzanne Davis Harden’s PATHS OF PEACE in 2014, I wrote:
“PATHS OF PEACE is the pinnacle of vocal purity and soul-felt prayer songs.”
Her new companion book, PATHS OF PEACE: Illustrated Prayersong Book, is an extended treasure. Mrs. Davis’ lovely illustrations are like jewels on the strand of beautiful prayer songs flowing throughout the book. Having the printed words to each of these original worship songs—each echoing like the Psalms —allows your heart, mind, and soul to reflect and praise at a deeper level. I recommend reading each in peace and quiet first. Sing and pray each with the melody from your own heart. Then, join in unison praise with the author’s beautiful voice by adding the album/MP3 in the background. Peace and joy will abound. I give this book five stars.

Inspirational. An Amazing Book! By Bookworm on June 26, 2015

Paths of Peace:Illustrated Prayersong Book is a beautifully illustrated book of inspirational and moving songs which are also prayers, all based on Scripture and easy to follow. Through the pages of this book, Mrs Harden's wonderful skills as a poet, painter and singer/songwriter are all very evident. The book is a wonderful aid to personal devotion and will make an excellent companion to public worship. I found it a real blessing. I highly recommend it.

Truly beautiful. From the front cover to the end cover

By Liana on June 20, 2015

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Truly beautiful. From the front cover to the end cover, and with everything in between, one is wrapped in the love of our heavenly Father. I highly recommend this precious book not only for the words of comfort; but for the amazing artwork that accompanies each prayersong.

Encouraging and uplifting. Beautifully illustrated.

By Martin Lee on June 7, 2015

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Paths of Peace:Illustrated Prayersong Book is reminiscent of the great Psalms of the Old Testament. The words and verses encourage and uplift the soul. It serves as a wonderful aid to personal prayer and meditation and could easily be used for congregational worship services. As an added benefit, beautiful illustrations adorn the pages. I highly recommend this book and further encourage the purchase of the companion audio CD or mp3s.

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